You may be one of the millions of Christians who ask themselves these questions. That's why renowned researcher George Barna spent six years studying how Americans become Christians and how their lives are transformed by God. His studies revealed that the road to transformation is a ten-stop journey.

Shockingly few American Christians ever get past the midway point of the journey – and thus lose out on the depth and beauty of the genuine and fulfilling relationship that God desires to have with us. Knowing the stops on the journey – that is, knowing where you stand on the journey and what lies ahead – can help you achieve MAXIMUM FAITH. Most of us get so busy with religious activities that we miss the opportunity to maximize our relationship with God. Instead of cooperating with Him in the difficult but exciting journey that leads to wholeness, we get comfortable and settle for the next church event or program.

Maximum Faith is a practical guidebook to becoming the completed person that God always
intended you to become. The book contains:

  • A description of the ten stops on the journey to wholeness, enabling you to
    become the mature, transformed person God intended
  • An understanding of what you can do to move from one stop on the journey
    to the next
  • Biblical support for the various stages of personal growth desired by God
  • Practical ideas about what churches can do to support people in their quest
    for wholeness
  • Specific insights into how each of our four life dimensions – the intellectual, emotional,
    physical, and spiritual – must be developed to reach our God-given potential
  • Spiritual context, helping us to understand how these changes happen in the midst of a life characterized by worship, love, obedience, and service
  • Encouragement delivered through the story of how one person worked through the stops on the journey to become the loving individual God intended
  • The latest research on how people's beliefs, practices, goals, and relationships help as
    well as hinder them from maximizing their faith and freedom in Christ

God has called you to be holy. Become the person He has called you to become by
cooperating with Him on a full-fledged journey to wholeness, allowing Him to transform your
mind, heart, soul and body.

Learn how to live like Jesus and experience personal renewal
through the lessons provided in Maximum Faith.

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